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The Bottled Water Debacle

6 years ago, Written by , Posted in Uncategorized

I was about to post on a product I stumbled across called ThankYou Bottled Water, which, in a nutshell is paired with an app called ‘Track your impact’ – By buying a bottle of ThankYou water, your $1 contribution will go directly towards to the fresh drinking water projects developing countries. All you need to do is download the app and punch in the unique barcode from your bottle to see exactly where your $1 (indirect) donation will go towards.


I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, until I shared it with my colleague who then swayed me otherwise, by showing me ‘The Story of Bottled Water’. (I know it’s 8 minutes long but it’s truly worth the watch.)


I can see two valid points, here.

Plastic bottle manufacturers = destroying the planet, changing perception that tap water is not fit for drinking, changing consumption behaviours and, in turn, fuelling supply and demand.

as opposed to:

If consumers buy bottled drinking water for convenience as a purchasing habit, they can easily opt for Thank You water where proceeds go to a good cause.

I think if ThankYou water could manage to tackle the manufacturing issue in the same product by instead creating a refillable, non-chemical seeping plastic bottle (rather than a disposable plastic bottle), which raises awareness on the issue by encouraging people to refill from taps, then maybe the problem can begin to see human consumption behaviour shift, awareness in developing countries as well as cutting back on manufacturing and, in turn, creating a greener planet. 

-rant over-

M. x

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