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The rise of Infographics

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“(CBS/What’s Trending) – If you’ve been watching the web, you’ve likely seen at least a few infographics hit your stream such as Hierarchy of Robot Needs“FarmVille” vs. Real Farms and Lost Explanation.

They’ve become so popular that there are entire columns and blogs dedicated to them, including Fast Company’s Infographic of the Day and FastCo Design, GOOD magazine as a whole and their infographics spotlightInfosthetics and my partner Jesse’s newly minted visual storytelling blog at Forbes — just to name a few.

In fact, brands are also making serious investments in infographics and data visualization as a part of their marketing and communications strategy — from IBM’s Smarter Planet to GE’s Data Visualization blog and sponsorship of (not to mention their work with my company JESS3 on infographics such as The Future of Solar).

The launch of the visualization and infographic community by former super powers Stew Langille and Lee Sherman also speaks to the rise of infographics, with an apropos video documenting the explosion of and position that infographics occupy in communications. At the nexus of journalism, analysis and design, infographics are undoubtedly relevant.”

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