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UK Supermarket offers 3D printed ceramic ‘mini me’ versions of you!

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“We’re trialling an exciting new service – offering you the chance to create a detailed 3D printed miniature version of you and your family while you’re doing your weekly shop! Asda 3D printing In a UK supermarket first, we’re trialling the pioneering technology at our York store from Tuesday (October 15) and prices start at just £40.

Just step into the scanner and we create a detailed digital model which is then sent away to be printed in ceramic. Anything can be scanned – including people, pets and even cars – and the models can be produced in full-colour, white or a bronze-style coating. The technology produces highly realistic ‘mini me’ figurines at whatever scale you like! To build the digital model, the whole surface area of the subject is scanned with special cameras in two minutes. The shape is then recreated in 3D by spraying ceramic fluid in thin layers to build a solid object.”


Loving this! Similar to when my partner won a Maxibon ice cream figurine of himself by sending away 4 different angled photos. Needless to say I was super jealous!!

M. x

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